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The feeding machine is very important in the furniture facto

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As a CNC equipment, CNC cutting machine CNC in the family's position is very high, it is because of the large demand for woodworking, almost all the furniture factory, factory doors all need one or several CNC cutting machine to do some artificial hard work, why the equipment so welcome here and drop Ji'nan Machinery Equipment Co., look at it together!

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  The advantages of CNC cutting machine of the British kaavi:

1, labor and material saving: the use of numerical control opening machine, a person can complete the work of opening and punching, unlike the previous push platform saw two people to operate. And there is no need for professional master material master, the design software automatically optimizes the typesetting, greatly improves the utilization efficiency of the board.

2, time saving: the efficiency of numerical control opening machine is very high, one equipment can produce 60-80 boards a day, the production efficiency is greatly improved.

3, with strong special-shaped processing capacity: special-shaped processing is the biggest advantage of CNC opening machine, it is very suitable for customized production.

4, software intelligence is high: software is the brain of a machine, and the machine is not good enough to use a lot of software that also depends on the choice of software. Our equipment is equipped with mature furniture design and dismantling software, which can achieve the effect of programming.

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The furniture industry is a trend, if you want to make your furniture factory production efficiency improve, choose CNC cutting machine is a very wise choice, Ji'nan Water Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd production of R & D sales, mainly the production of CNC engraving machine, cutting machine, coating machine, production line of furniture and woodworking equipment products, high precision, stable operation, welcome to inquire!

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