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The feeder can improve the efficiency of the furniture facto

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Numerical control cutting machine is becoming more and more popular in the panel furniture industry. Good equipment can make furniture factory increase 21% production efficiency. Many customers will worry whether the equipment is good enough to learn and whether it can be successfully put into production before buying equipment. In fact, the equipment itself is not difficult to learn, to see whether the equipment manufacturers can provide thoughtful training services.

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CNC cutting machine equipment more English introduction:

The numerical control opening machine is divided into two parts, one is the software part and the other part is the operating part of the machine.

1, function: software support: proprietary software support, NC file output, material can not go wrong, zero error, no accident error cost, no waste, automatic generation of material and material, packing list, delivery orders, delivery order, quotation and barcode software.

2, configuration and material: the whole machine design structure, equipped with unique feeding and dust removal mechanism, can completely solve the dust problem of the charging belt, and can truly achieve continuous work without interference.

3, operation function: CNC opening device can not only carry out fixed cycle, graphic circle and circular cutting, but also have subroutine design function and macro program design function.

4, a wide range of uses: This machine is suitable for diversified complex product processing or multiple processing, and can be one-time blanking, drilling, cutting, edge guiding, milling and so on, so as to achieve three automatic tool changing.

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The above is the Ji'nan CNC water mechanical equipment Co. Ltd production of cutting machine is introduced, in 2018, let the mechanical equipment to save you some time and effort, you can make the furniture factory automation production scale, create more benefits for your business, contact the water machine immediately, get yourself for system solutions!

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