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  • The feeding machine is very important in the furniture facto

    As a CNC equipment, CNC cutting machine CNC in the family's position is very high, it is because of the large demand for woodworking, almost all the furniture factory, factory doors all need one or several CNC cutting machine to do some artificial har...

  • Which home manufacturers do better

    Know the many advantages of cutting machine, many furniture factory has been eager to want to control their own factories for a set of high efficiency cutting machine, a lot of customers in the purchase of equipment for the first want to know Ji'nan i...

  • In 2018, let the CNC feed machine help you

    After the EIA in 2017, many furniture manufacturers more or less affected, regardless of the equipment or personnel, to make a new adjustment, in 2018, a new beginning, many companies have to go to war, let the CNC cutting machine to help you a helpin...

  • The feeder can improve the efficiency of the furniture facto

    Numerical control cutting machine is becoming more and more popular in the panel furniture industry. Good equipment can make furniture factory increase 21% production efficiency. Many customers will worry whether the equipment is good enough to learn ...

  • Why is it so popular

    With the continued prosperity of the woodworking industry market, many furniture enterprises are constantly updated production equipment, to reduce labor, improve production efficiency, CNC cutting machine has become the core equipment. The CNC cuttin...

  • Good software can make your furniture cutting machine a tige

    With the increase of furniture manufacturers, furniture plate cutting machine is more and more popular, cutting machine collocation different control software can achieve completely different results, so what kind of software is the most appropriate? ...

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